Berkeley's Vegan Revolution

Every Bite Counts Entertainment is more than just a company - it's a movement dedicated to reshaping the way we think about food, community, and entertainment. As passionate advocates for plant-based living, we specialize in curating unforgettable events, offering expert consultation services, and producing captivating content that celebrates the vibrant world of veganism.At Every Bite Counts Entertainment, we believe that every choice we make - every bite we take - has the power to make a positive impact on our health, the planet, and the lives of animals. That's why we're committed to creating experiences that not only tantalize the taste buds but also nourish the soul and inspire change.
From intimate supper club dinners to large-scale food festivals, our events are meticulously curated to showcase the diversity and deliciousness of vegan cuisine. We work closely with local vendors, chefs, and artisans to create unique and memorable experiences that leave a lasting impression on guests.
Join us on this journey towards a healthier, more compassionate world. Together, let's show that every bite truly does count. Get in touch with us today!

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